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Soda Blasting
Graffiti removal
Abrasive Blast – Crushed Glass

Soda Blasting

Soda (sodium bicarbonate) blasting is an environmentally friendly way of removing paint, dirt, coatings, and other surface contaminants that will not cause damage to the surfaces being cleaned. Soda blasting is a non-abrasive action that will not cause heat buildup, sparks, or abrasion to the surface being cleaned.

Soda blasting is an efficient way to clean many surfaces such as: chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, brick, stone, glass, fiberglass, wood, plastic, seals, bearings radiator cores, and hydraulic cylinders. This list is not all inclusive.

During the blasting process sodium bicarbonate leaves a protective coating that will temporarily act as a rust inhibitor. It is important to keep ferrous metals dry after the blasting process. Baking soda is not Ph neutral, for proper adhesion the surface will need to be neutralized before applying paint, stain, or any other finishing products. Check with the manufacturer of the product you plan to apply to the surface after soda blasting to determine the best way to prepare your surface.

Graffiti removal

Soda blasting is an environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost-effective way to remove graffiti. Soda blasting can be used to remove graffiti on brick, sandstone, marble, and other sensitive surfaces in a fraction of the time, when compared to harsh chemical strippers, without leaving any chemical residue behind.

Abrasive Blast – Crushed Glass

Abrasive blast is post-consumer recycled glass; it is recycled and sized to meet specific blasting needs. Crushed glass is excellent for use on a wide variety of surfaces and is a great choice for removing rust.


  • Angular particles allow for aggressive profiling and removal of coatings.
  • Less media is required to achieve equal or better results than other media.
  • Very low particle embedment (less than 2%) which produces a whiter (SP-10) finish.
  • Superior rust-back performance vs. slag/mineral abrasives.
  • Can clean aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel without warping, excessive profiling, or surface damage.
  • Non-sparking, suitable for use in explosion proof areas.
  • PH neutral, surface does not need to be neutralized after blasting.

Safety & Environment

  • Non-toxic and silica free.
  • No detectable heavy or toxic metals.
  • Glass is listed on the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for blasting grit
  • 100% recycled material, compliant with federal and state affirmative procurement guidelines


Auto restoration · Marine restoration · Offshore drill rigs · Refineries ·Pulp & Paper mills · Natural gas plants · Concrete restoration ·Asphalt plants · Chemical plants

Biodegradable Abrasives

Crushed Walnut Shell is an excellent media that has many uses within the blasting industry, i.e. wood, metal, concrete and stone. Walnut shell is biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and of course cost-effective media. Crushed walnut shell will not cause silicosis and has minimal dust.